Janaina Matarazzo Bio & Statement



Janaina Matarazzo is a Brazilian photographer born in São Paulo on 5 January 1977. 

She studied Industrial Design & Analogical Photography at Belas Artes and FAAP - Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, in São Paulo, Brazil from 1997 until 2000.

In 2008 Janaina moved to Botswana, Africa where she lived for 10 years. During this time she also travelled to the Arctic region and also to the Yellowstone National Park, USA. 

In 2015 she had a solo exhibition at one of the most dynamic and proactive cultural establishments in Sao Paulo, the famed MIS - Museum of Image and Sound. 

2012 - Espaco Florescer - Solo Exhibition - São Paulo, Brazil

2013 - Urban Arts, Oscar Freire - Solo Exhibition - São Paulo, Brazil

2014 - Quartos & Etc (Interior Design Store) - Project with MessaPenna Interior Design - São Paulo, Brazil

2015 - SP ARTE / Foto - Exhibition with Fotospot Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil 

2015 - SP Metro Project - Station Tatuape - Exhibition at the Metro Station - São Paulo, Brazil 

2015 - MIS - Museum of Image & Sound - Mundo A Parte (A World Apart) - Solo Exhibition - São Paulo, Brazil

2015 - PARTE - Art Fair with Fotospot Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

2016 - Feira Cavalete - Street Art Project with Fotospot Gallery - São Paulo, Brazil

2017 - Verve Gallery - 15 Fotografos (15 Photographers) Exhibition - São Paulo, Brazil

2017 - Casa Cor Rio - Interior Design Famous Event - With Verve Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

2018 - Showcase Gallery - A World Apart - Dubai, UAE 

2019 - The Empty Quarter - Moments - Dubai, UAE

Janaina also had several articles & interviews published in famous magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, TAM Airlines, Newspapers, Radios, etc which can be seen on her website. 

In 2018 she moved to Dubai with her husband who is a South African pilot. 


Since a child Janaina has always loved animals and nature. In 2008 she moved to Botswana, Africa to escape the craziness of one of the busiest cities in the world. This turned out to be a life changing event. Spending time observing the change in seasons and with that the sporadic movement of animals, Janaina was inspired to bring these scenes to life through her photography. 

Janaina used to drive her old Toyota Land Cruiser 3F into the African wilderness by her self, camping alone exposing and endangering her life for a once in a life time photograph. However, the way she envisages her connection with wildlife is that she puts her trust in the animals more so than humans. She says that she is comfortable with the wild animals as she spent years observing their every movement, their body language, so that she would limit the chance of one of these extremely powerful and dangerous animals turning on her. But when Janaina was stung by a parabuthus scorpion and had tick bite fever, inflicted on her by small animals, it became evident to her that in Africa you are surrounded by deadly animals. 

During this time in Botswana Janaina was involved in wildlife conservation projects. She worked with the local rural communities living on the border of the National Parks where the human & wildlife conflict takes place. It was important for Janaina to involve the local communities and allow them to benefit from tourism thus creating a partnership and understanding between all parties involved. 

When Janaina chose to move to Botswana she knew that she was going to one of the wildest places in Africa where almost half of the countries land is wilderness. Janaina’s work also shows the beautiful and isolated Arctic region. She spent ten days on an ice breaker ship to capture unique images of the region. She also travelled three days from California to the Wyoming region to capture images of the Yellowstone National Park which was the first national park established in the USA and also in the world. 

Janaina’s photography serves to document her passion and connection with the natural world and to bring awareness to the importance of conserving the environment and the wilderness in which these animals live. 



The Empty Quarter Gallery - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Showcase Gallery - Dubai


Weylandts - Cape Town, South Africa


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